The National Universities Commission recently released a list of illegal degree awarding institutions operating in Nigeria. The list of these illegal universities was made available to the public in a NUC’s weekly bulletin dated August 24. In the bulletin, the NUC Executive secretary, Julius Okojie, warned that Certificates obtained from these universities and colleges will not be recognized for the purpose of NYSC, employment and further studies.

1. University of Accountancy and Management Studies, operating anywhere in Nigeria.
2. Christians Continue reading “ILLEGAL UNIVERSITIES IN NIGERIA”


All That Googling May Make People Feel Smarter Than They Are

When did Elvis die?
What’s the capital of Mongolia?

Nowadays, the answers to nearly all questions are just a Google click away. But a new study suggests that instant, online access to information may be inflating people’s sense of their own intelligence. “It becomes easier to confuse your own knowledge with this external source,” study lead author Matthew Fisher, a doctoral candidate in psychology at Yale University, said in a news release from the American Psychological Association. Continue reading “All That Googling May Make People Feel
Smarter Than They Are”

DON’T GIVE UP: The start-up rejected by investors 45 times in a row

Nick Hungerford knows a few things about dealing with rejection.

In 2010, the 34-year-old Englishman was going to meeting after meeting in California’s Silicon Valley, trying to secure funding for his business idea – Nutmeg, an online-based investment management business. And the first 45 wealthy investors he pitched to all said no. Continue reading “DON’T GIVE UP: The start-up rejected by investors 45 times in a row”