VALENTINE’S DAY; Does it Really worth it?

val2“Where are you spending your Valentine this saturday?”, a friend asked.

I had forgotten this saturday would be 14th of February, a date many youths are enthusiastic about. A day acclaimed to show love to someone. A day to make your loved one(s) feel loved; VALENTINE’S DAY. Many are aware of the history behind Valentine’s day and the reason for the celebration, but I doubt if they actually know its importance. I would not want to delve into the history of St. Valentino so as not to bore you.

Youths now have a misconception about this day. A day meant to show love has now become a nightmare and snare to some other people. Some see it as a day to fool around, some see it as a day of bountiful gift harvest from the opposite gender. Some just lose their dignity and self respect in a flash. So many pockets have been punctured, so many hearts broken, so many lies told, so many bright future stained, all in the name of just one day; VALENTINE.
You show love on just “one” day, what happens to the rest of the days. If you could only show love once out of 365days, then valentine’s day is “USELESS”. If you show love day-in day-out for 365 days, then feb. 14 seems indifferent. Feb. 14 should be like every other day. Why save your love just to lavish on just one day. Why the jamboree and fun fair? Love should be a subconscious habit practiced everyday not just mere spoken words. Quite unfortunate, some youths don’t even know the difference between LOVE and LUST.
However, happy Valentine’s Day!!! Eat, drink and have fun. But bear in mind, a day set aside for jamboree LOVE out of 365 days is not just worth it.

Yours sincerely
Arije Abiodun .E.


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