All You Need To Know About The New UCBrowser V8.1.0.216 BlackBerry pf159 + Shortcuts

UCBrowser V8.1.0.216 BlackBerry pf159 (en-us)
Smaller Installation Package:
Even smaller size package makes the installation process faster with full functions and better experience.

Share Images and Links on Facebook:
The function to share images and links on Facebook is added. Easier to share.

UC Associated Program:
You can use the newly-added UC associated program to open the links in SMS, MMS, WAP push and built-in browser, for more convenience.Webpage Embedded Keyboard:
It enables you to input text in webpage directly and simplify the steps.

Font Size Settings:
The function to adjust the font size is added. There used to be only three choices: Big, Medium and Small. But now you can set any size you like.

New Shortcuts:
New shortcuts are added so that you can operate even faster.
↓ Default Shortcuts
All Phones
[1]Context Menu
[2]Page Up
[3]Switch Tab
[4]Page Up
[6]Page Up
[8]Page Down

QWERTY Keyboard Only:
[Alt+N]New Tab
[Alt+T]Open in Background
[Alt+S]Save Page
[Alt+O]Open Saved Pages
[Space]Page Down
[Del]Close Current Tab
[U]Page Up
[H]Page Up
[K]Page Up
[N]Page Down

↓ Tips:
1. Double press [#], if you want a larger screen view.
2. It’s a good habit to press [1] or [#], if you want to activate some popular functions quickly.
3. You can use the space key to page down.
4. Try to remember the shortcuts you used frequently, it’s really helpful.
↓ Preferences
Page Segment:To set the max size of a page divided to display.

Image Quality:To set the definition of a image to display.

Scrollbar Width:To set the width of scrollbar. You need to restart browser to take effect.

Full Screen:To hide the title bar and menu bar to obtain best scope. The menu bar may be retained in touchscreen device.

Zoom View:To display webpages in original layout, just like on PC. You can zoom in or zoom out.

Content Folding:To fold similar contents together to shorten page, you may press the “+” to unfold.

User Agent:To show the site which browser you are using. Some sites may prevent some specific UA.

Block Size:To set the max section size when downloading a large file.

Keep-Alive:To improve the connection efficiency for Sony Ericsson phones to avoid disconnection.

WAP Access via Server:To visit any website via UC Server to have a better render effect and less data usage, though some sites may restrict that.

AutoFill:When you are inputing URL, word prediction will show up. It will read from your history and bookmarks.

UCbrowser’s Official


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