BADE AWARDS 2014- My Twitter Awards 2014

After a successful year 2014, decided to award his followers on twitter. (31/12/2014). This was a memorable event that will go down memory lane. Everyone can’t be given an Accolade, but these are the few selected, not that they are better off the others. The Winners include:

Best DP of the year ———– @Bellaaa_Gwen. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Funniest Handle of the year ——— @FanalHumour. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Passionate Gooner(AFC) of the year ——– @Hogwarts_Viktor. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Handle with the most political tweets ———— @Bolajuade #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Foreign Tweep/Friend of the year, all the way from Malaysia —— @jacqjayuniej. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Revelation of the year ——– @LagosAMEBO. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Female Football Fan(atical) of the year ——— @Oluwayemisii. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Inactive handle of the year ——— @ch3d3. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Educative/informative Handle of the year ———- @wowfacts_NG. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Cool headed tweep of the year —— @Hogwarts_Viktor. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Activist and Outspoken tweep of the year ——- @Raschid_Bwhizzy. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Passionate Chelsea fan of the year ——- @BabatundeCASH. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Hype Master/King of the year ——- @Itz_Konani. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Passionate Manchester United fan of the year —— @Oluwayemisii. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Best Sport Presenter of the year——- @FemiCool969. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

QuoteQueen, everpresent and beautiful tweep of the year goes to @Cutefisayor. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Indispensable Tweeps of the year — @dollycent @Raschid_Bwhizzy @pappie77. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Most Valuable Tweep of the year ——– @Fiksy_Coded. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

Best Sport Crew on Radio ——- @FATGofficial. #BADE_AWARDS_2014

TWEEP OF THE YEAR ————— @Pappie77. #BADE_AWARDS_2014


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