Amazon’s Christmas Gift: Free Apps Worth $220

Given that the Google Play Store is a comprehensive
source for Android applications one would think that
there would be no need for another Android app store.
Tell that to Amazon though, because it clearly felt the
need to launch one, the Amazon Appstore happens to be
the primary source of apps on the online retail giant’s
hardware and is available for other Android devices as
well. Amazon has a gift for those who use its Appstore,
free applications worth $220.
With Christmas right around the corner there couldn’t be
a better time to offer this gift to Android users. The
Amazon Appstore is now also a native presence on
BlackBerry devices, so that’s a whole new category of
users that can graciously receive this gift from Amazon.
The app bundle has 40 applications of different
categories, including but not limited to utilities, games,
photo editors and more. Apps like Plex, Sonic the
Hedgehog 2 and The Oxford Advanced Learner’s
Dictionary are all included for free.
Apart from the free applications Amazon is also offering
discounts on a wide variety of Amazon Instant Video
titles, Kindle ebooks and its own mobile devices. Those
who are only interested in the free applications need to
know that this promotion is only being run from 24th
December to 26th December.


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