The year 1914 marked a remarkable period when the British Imperialist, Lord
Lugard effected the union of the Northern and Southern Protectorate under one Nation later christened NIGERIA by Flora Shaw (Lord Lugard’s wife-to-be) January 1, 2014 would make it a hundred year since the Amalgamation. Looking back at all these years, we all have a course to be happy and hope for the future. Many see amalgamation as an “accident” but I see it as a “blessing
in disguise”. Despite our differences in cultural background, language, religion and goals, we still stand united as one. Despite all odds and challenges, we still stand strong, achieving immeasurable success. This is the Hallmark of a great nation. Wherever I find myself, I would always flag the emblem of my country with pride because I AM NIGERIA,

I entered for an essay competition during Nigeria’s centenary celebration (january 2014), And this was the essay I submitted. Though, it won me nothing as I didn’t get to qualify for the prize. But, it feels good to post some of my essays. It might look amateur, but it was my maiden write-up. I wrote it myself, I never won, but I AM PROUD OF IT. #BeProudOfYourSweat


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