The National Universities Commission recently released a list of illegal degree awarding institutions operating in Nigeria. The list of these illegal universities was made available to the public in a NUC’s weekly bulletin dated August 24. In the bulletin, the NUC Executive secretary, Julius Okojie, warned that Certificates obtained from these universities and colleges will not be recognized for the purpose of NYSC, employment and further studies.

1. University of Accountancy and Management Studies, operating anywhere in Nigeria.
2. Christians Continue reading “ILLEGAL UNIVERSITIES IN NIGERIA”



The 6th month of the year is an outstanding one In the Georgian calendar, the calendar that most of the world uses, June is the sixth month. However, according to the early Roman calendar, June was actually the fourth month and had only 29 day. In 46B.C, Julius Caesar gave June 30 days instead of 29 when he reformed the Roman calendar. June was named after the Roman goddess Juno, who is the wife of Jupiter.

Elderly Who Exercise 30 Minutes A Day Live 5 Years Longer, Study Finds



Standard activity packs as awesome a punch as stopping smoking regarding the matter of future, as per analysts in Norway.

The study, distributed in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, called for more campaigns to support more prominent wellness in more seasoned individuals.

The Oslo University Hospital study followed more than 14,000 men who were conceived somewhere around 1923 and 1932. An analysis that started in 2000 took a gander at around 6,000 of the men as yet living, which brought about the new discoveries. Specialists found that the individuals who practiced for 60 minutes a week demonstrated no increment in future. Be that as it may, Continue reading “Elderly Who Exercise 30 Minutes A Day Live 5 Years Longer, Study Finds”

I am Google: Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets his own search engine

Forget Google, the 33-year-old can now surf the internet using a site named in his honour, adding a ‘Zlatanified’ slant to each and every scour of the world wide web

The internet has churned out countless stories documenting the weird and wonderful world of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and he now has his own search engine from which to scour the worldwide web. Andreas Killander, the creative director of the agency SweetPop in the striker’s homeland of Sweden, has launched the site as a tribute to the 33- year-old, which adds a ‘Zlatanified’ slant to each and every search.

“Our search engine is linked to Google but all the searches are Zlatanified. All the results have some link to Zlatan,” Killander told L’Equipe. “If you type in Ferrari, you’ll get stuff about Zlatan’s
Ferrari; if you want a recipe, you’ll get the Zlatan Burger. Zlatan is an idol. He’s known the world over. That’s why we chose him. “We didn’t ask his permission, but we hope he sees it as an amusing experience.” Over 100,000 people have already used the search engine since its launch last week.


All That Googling May Make People Feel Smarter Than They Are

When did Elvis die?
What’s the capital of Mongolia?

Nowadays, the answers to nearly all questions are just a Google click away. But a new study suggests that instant, online access to information may be inflating people’s sense of their own intelligence. “It becomes easier to confuse your own knowledge with this external source,” study lead author Matthew Fisher, a doctoral candidate in psychology at Yale University, said in a news release from the American Psychological Association. Continue reading “All That Googling May Make People Feel
Smarter Than They Are”